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Award Winning Olive Oil | Health Benefits | Neurological Development & Gut Health

Neurological Development and Gut Health

Extra virgin olive oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 in similar portions to breast milk fat and the same percentage of linoleic acid making it an indispensable food for the myelination of nerve fibres and brain development. It is easy to digest and helps gastric functioning, preventing the phenomenon of constipation and colic.


Bone Development

Olive oil helps in the absorption of vitamin D, important for growing babies and children because it regulates calcium and phosphorus and encourages the intake of minerals that are essential to the process of ossification. This gives children added protection against bone fractures in their tender years and the risk of osteoporosis in old age. 

Award winning Olive Oil | Health Benefits | Anti Allergy | Baby


There has also been a reportedly lower risk of asthma in mothers who have consumed a consistent amount of olive oil throughout pregnancy. Their babies have been found to have a more developed immune system, lower risk of rhinitis and allergies.

Award winning Olive Oil | Health Benefits | Cradle Cap Prevention | Baby

Cradle Cap

Olive oil is even said to be effective in curing cradle cap. Applied to the parts of the head affected by cradle cap before normal cleansing, olive oil’s hydrating properties can act as a natural remedy.

Award winning Olive Oil | Health Benefits | Massage Oil | Baby

Massage Oil

Olive oil can be used as baby massage oil after a bath. Can be used on the body but not the face.

Award winning Olive Oil | Health Benefits | Nappy Rash Prevention | Baby

Nappy Rash Prevention and Treatment

Olive oil is an effective nappy rash treatment because it acts as a protective barrier on your baby’s skin, keeping moisture and other irritants away. Unlike commercial nappy rash creams, olive oil is completely natural and contains no chemicals.