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The trees are closely monitored, with controlled watering and soil conditions, the delay time from picking to pressing is minimized to ensure no chemical degradation of the olives occurs , the oil is stored under strictly controlled conditions.

All stages of the production process are certified beginning with the primary production. Through integrated management there is rationalization of fertilizer and pesticide use and all farmers grow the olives according to recommended and controlled methods and document each process and agricultural farming method.  This means that the cultivation of the olive trees is friendly for the environment and for humans.


The olive oil is from the first pressing of the olives with no chemicals or hot water added during processing.


The oil is packed in the tins just before it is shipped to Australia. These tins provide a perfect impervious storage environment for the oil protecting it from light and oxidation as well as preserving the nutritional value without the need to add preservatives. As exposed in a comparative study which was conducted by the German Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, the most appropriate packaging method for olive oil is in tinplate containers which protect the valuable nutrients much more effectively than glass or plastic bottles, which are subject to the penetration of light, and where plastic is concerned, also penetrable by oxygen.